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How is your operational performance?

Are you losing income due to inefficient processes?​

Do you have adequate business strategies in place to continuously improve your internal practices?

Revenue losses represent a permanent concern in the daily management of corporations in general. They represent less income for them and to put into their operation, putting their long-term viability at risk.​

Desired Outcomes

By implementing our Sunrise offering, we improve the quality of the business processes, achieving a billing increase steadily over time. We have the operational capacity to conduct ongoing pilots of revenue loss management.​

  • Fully customizable solution and tools.
  • Experienced professionals.
  • Highly trained personnel.
  • Measurable success.

Ideal Solution

Our solution combines our process management methodology and software tools, aiming to the ultimate goal: securing the client’s income. Implementation will require the involvement of everyone, as an organizational state of mind. ​

  • Involves all business units across the corporation.
  • Needs to be part of the business objectives and part of the culture.
  • Adequate and measurable controls need to be in place to establish adequate ROIs.

Sunrise with Microsoft + Time Extender​

We leverage our expert knowledge with Microsoft and TimeXtender to produce quantifiable business results. We are Business Consultants that master technology, not technocrats in business.​

Processes + Visio + Office 365 + Teams​​

Design, communicate, and execute using products you are familiar with. Processes are designed with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Office 365 is used to communicate and drive execution. Leverage Microsoft Teams to collaborate and facilitate speed of execution.​

Business Insights + TimeXtender + Power BI​​​

Our group of experienced professionals use TimeXtender and Microsoft Power BI to manage volumes of data. One of the most important aspects of a Revenue Assurance Program is being able to manage high density data and reports, to be analyzed effectively and provide rapid responses. ​

Data Analytics + DevOps + SQL Server​​

Current, reliable, and clean data is gathered by software developed with DevOps and Microsoft SQL Server. With this in mind, a large amount of client variations are available for analysis, within minutes of gathering the information.​​​

Since June 2009, Truenorth has been providing positive income streams to the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA). We designed and successfully implemented the Non-Revenue Water Program using Sunrise (our Revenue Assurance solution) which on its first months, produced over $80MM in fresh revenue. Since then, it has created a positive income stream that builds upon itself and grows exponentially, exceeding 500% of its Return on Investment.​​

Well-over $500MM in recovered revenue​​​

Our proven methodology keeps performing, building up a positive income stream that exponentially grows.​​

500% Return on Investment documented results

Continually improving software tools to have the technology advantage on the established process, while enhancing customer experience.​

60,000+ annual field inspections, assuring efficiency

Making things happen administratively and operationally to assure a continuous positive income stream.​

Early in 2018, just after category 5 hurricane María hit Puerto Rico directly, Centro de Recaudación de Ingresos Municipales (CRIM) launched an initiative to improve its billing and collections processes. This initiative was high profile due to the impact of hurricane María and the associated media attention.

With the implementation of our Sunrise solution, we were able to quantify over $250MM in specific potential yearly gains for CRIM, representing a 31% increase in revenue.

Customer Background

Puerto Rico property tax authority.

Build complete data warehouse and advanced analytics solution.​​


Wide variety of data sources, including Oracle databases, SQL databases, and GIS.

Solution and Benefits

Implemented TimeXtender and connected all required data sources.​

Built Microsoft SQL Data.


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