Value Proposition

  • Data volume grows about 40% annually.
  • Storage costs are steadily increasing.
  • One hour of downtime for an organization can harm up to 1% of sales.
  • In a span of two years, 79% of companies have had failures in their systems.
  • With traditional backups, it may take more than one day to regain the required data.
  • It is necessary to count on a constant, simple, safe, and accessible process to achieve a significant and positive change.

Cost Comparison

  • Customer support will be provided by Truenorth’s Technical Support Center.
  • The monthly billing will be settled directly through Truenorth’s billing system.


  • The solution extends the protection of customers with the integration of technology and standardized processes.
  • Customer data is one of the most valuable resources; it is crucial to protect it through a cost-effective alternative.
  • Truenorth and Microsoft jointly support this offering.

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