We are a cloud based state-of-the-art Customer Experience Operation that leverages Technology and Teamwork to generate measurable performance improvement moving from a customer service experience to a Total Engagement Experience.

A Strategic approach driven by
the Customer Journey

Our Core Services

The Customer Experience Operations: We pride ourselves on having satisfied a wide array of complex clients. More than a contact center, we are a Smart Center. Our cloud based state-of-the-art, Customer Experience Operation leverages Technology and promotes Teamwork to generate measurable performance improvement as well as deliver a proactive, interactive consumer experience.

Data Analytics & Insights: the objective is to transform data into actionable insights, in real time. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) keep goals at the forefront of decision making.

Omni-Channel solution: pushes past the operational tactics of multichannel into a business model that weaves those channels together and shares data between them, enabling customers to conduct business with companies however they want, whenever they want.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: always a critical measurement of success and a key driver of our Team’s performance and rewards.

You can be
confident that
Truenorth delivers:

Customers Journey focus that drives brand experience.

A complete Omni-Channel solution.

Beyong transaction to transformational advocacy.

Data that generate actionable insights.

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